Absolutely unique jewelery designs found nowhere else.

Sterling Silver, Gold Fill, Gemstone & Swarovski sparkle.

Taking a break to recharge.

March 2014 | Jolie Mack Designs hasn't been as busy creating new baubles of late with everyday life getting in the way. You know - kids, cat, day jobs and the like. In order to recharge and revamp, JMD has stepped away from designing for now. 


Continue to stay in touch through Facebook and on Twitter. Inventory is still available and you'll find it all on the Jolie Mack Designs Facebook page. Thanks for your support over the years and we hope to be back in the near future.

What an honour to be featured in a 2012 Spring issue of Here Magazine! That's pretty sweet. Since moving to the Canadian Maritimes, the jewelery has been embraced. The ladies are loving the colours and the sparkle, the quality and the style. 


Come and see the new designs and interact!


"...could (we) just take the opportunity to say that your designs are both beautiful and original...we wish you all the best." - The Pret a Portobello Team; London, England.

You are a one of a kind and I think your jewelery should be, too. Find the design that you can embrace into your own beautiful, distinct style. 


"Style is the hallmark of a temperament stamped upon the material at hand."

- Andre Maurois -

Only genuine Swarovski Crystal, Semi-precious and precious gems, wood, glass, shell and superior pearls are used, combined with brilliant Sterling Silver or 22k Vermeil (22K gold plated sterling silver.)


I believe jewelery is personal, custom to a single style. Every jewelery design has a designation revealing its elusive availability, allowing you to choose a piece never to be reproduced.


Absolutely unique designs found on no one else but you.



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