Freshness in the air.

Jolie Mack Designs is an independent little operation and all designs are made from scratch. Small quantities of materials are bought at a time - not always the most efficient - but this way things stay fresh. New Swarovski crystal is released frequently. Vintage selections come and go. Fashion flip flops between gold and silver, right? So there's no need to make the studio more cluttered than it is.


JMD has recently made a BIG move from west coast to east so the home space is new and fresh, too. Changes will be made to the site and the collections over the next few months, so check back to keep up with the plans, the adventures and of course, the new designs.



A Note About the Materials 


I will fall for anything shiny, anything sparkly, and anything old. Most of the materials I use to create my designs are new: Czech glass, Swarovski Crystal, Oriental Crystal, pearls, semi-precious gems, Cubic Zirconia, and acrylic to mention a few. However, sometimes I’ll rummage around to find an Aunt’s old necklace, a single earring in my mom’s jewel box, or a string of vintage crystal or pearls at a sale or shop. Even though these old treasures may not be as perfect as their new versions, they hold a wise advantage: years of lasting lustre, a history of story and a mysterious journey we can only guess. As the designer, I hope that my pieces adopt the same attributes over the years.


In design descriptions you will find the words Heirloom and Vintage used to describe certain materials. They may seem to echo the same idea, but actually refer to the very unique condition of the beads. Vintage refers to beads and/or findings that are brand new but are from an antique ‘lot,’ discontinued and soon to be unavailable. Heirloom signifies beads and/or findings that are of a true vintage mint and in used condition, probably with an aged patina. Designs that feature Vintage or Heirloom materials will have a cost that reflects the very unique nature of the ensemble.


Learn about the designer to see what inspires me to create the jewelery.




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