Vintage finds for fashionable minds.

There's just something special about objects from the past. Your mother's wedding dress or your grandmother's old curtains will always evoke special memories and warm feelings. I've been drawn to vintage finds my entire life and have always had a collection of something unique and antique, from buttons to old perfume bottles.


On occasion, while scouring local thrift shops, vintage stores and antique malls, I'll stumble across an amazing strand of aged crystal or loose acrylic beads from the bygone past. I'll carry these home with glee, smiling inside and out because of the immense possibilities these cast aside baubles present in my imagination. It's a wonderful feeling, really.


"Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend." ~ Lucy Lui.

Most of these designs are one-of-a-kind so if you see one that you like, don't hesitate to retire it. Just like your past, it will slip right by you and you may regret it.


Message me for details on your favorite.

The Victorian Brass Collection: an example of vintagey-ness.

Surviving time and travelling far, these pure brass stampings thankfully found their way to me. Originally made in a Rhode Island factory many decades ago, they were purchased by a jewelery designer in the seventies - and they were vintage then! She no longer creates and so these beauties were never used and the brass lost its lustre.


When the pieces arrived, flat and dull, I thought they were delightful as they were.  But as I worked with the brass, bending it and shaping it to size, I wondered what might lay under the years of grime? A lot of hand polishing later, the brass found new life and regained a shine that blinds and dazzles.


Each ring is completely hand made in heirloom, raw brass. Brass will tarnish over time, but turns dull, not black like Sterling Silver. The rings can be buffed with a jeweler's buffing cloth after a wash of mild soap and water. Brass cleaner can be used but be very careful as the abrasives may damage the delicate carvings. 


SOLD OUT (aw, I know, but a good story still!)


The rings are slightly adjustable and can fit sizes 5-7.

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